You are invited to purr with me!

     What do purring, stretching, and resting have to do with happiness? Quite a lot, I like to say.
     I’m Yogi Cat. I grew up in a yoga studio. Plus, I have swami orange fur and a never-ending curiosity about what brings happiness. I have traveled to many places to satisfy my curiosity, and I always come back and tell my friends what I have learned. All my feline friends said I should write a book about what I know.
        You’ve got to purr to be happy!
     Happiness isn’t about some goal you reach by the time you are old. No way! What I’ve learned is that happiness is how you do each day. It’s about stretching, being curious, and loving.
     That’s why I encourage you to get this book and make your life a lot happier. I’ve got 16 short stories here that will give you a cat’s-eye view of how to put the purr in your life – through purr-pose, purr-ception, and purr-sistence. A purr-fect idea, don’t you think?

Yogi Cat: 16 Ways to Happiness

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5-Star Review From Carolina Restrepo for Readers’ Favorite     
    One of the hidden messages in this book is to believe in yourself and believe in the capacity that we have to improve our quality of life. … I thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing the world from a cat’s perspective.  Overall, Yogi Cat’s conclusions and lessons have been a breath of fresh air.
     Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the most basic things in life so as to better enjoy life. Living in this current hectic world can become overwhelming at times and can become detrimental to the quality of life you want to have. This book will help you in this.

5-Star Review From Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite
     Let Yogi Cat explain it all to you and then you’ll understand how one cat can lead us in sixteen different ways to happiness – from stretching, eating, and keeping clean to listening, rubbing, smelling and, of course, loving.
     And each chapter is a simple presentation with a touch of humor and purr-fect happiness by the presenter, Yogi Cat.  Each chapter is a short story with a cat’s eye view that will lead the reader through life’s purr-pose, to purr-ception, purr-sistence and, yes, purr-fection, or at least purr-fect happiness.
     I love the illustrations; they add another level of happiness to this presentation.

5-Star Review From Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite   
     In the book,  you will discover the purrfect pathway to tranquility, bliss, and peace. Yogi Cat will encourage, empower, and invite you to live your life with happiness by focusing on the beauty of day-to-day living as told through sixteen stories by cats that he met along his travels.
    These stories reflect the importance of taking care of your body while stimulating the mind, soul, and spirit.
    Engaging, insightful, warm, fuzzy, and fun are the emotions that I felt reading this book.  Each chapter featured so many layers of storytelling for everyone from cat lovers to children.
     Children especially will learn about cats and their development while also understanding the importance of how they too can incorporate these simple nuggets of self-care into their everyday lives.
     In the book, they’ll learn about the benefits of stretching for optimal health, karma, catnaps, finding their quiet place when feeling challenged, feeling at home within unfamiliar environments, expressing love, and embracing all the beauty that nature has to offer our lives.
     This book is a must-have especially during this shelter-in-place pandemic era to help reset your Qi.