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  • a link to The Four Tasks of Love  (a fairy tale about love), and
  • two chapters to my novel The Elixir of Freedom (see review comments on this page)

The Four Tasks of Love

The Four Tasks of Love is a fairy tale about how to grow deeper in love, and it’s for people of all ages. Sign in so I can send you the free ebook or PDF download.

The Elixir of Freedom

The Elixir of Freedom is the story of Ravi and Verda who go on a journey to find a legendary elixir that is made of sap and sunlight and is said to bring freedom from doubt, negativity, captivity, and even time itself. It is a journey of awakening that will stir your heart and soul.  It is the first book in The Light Finder Legends series, and is available from Amazon and other booksellers. Sign in so I can send you the first two chapters free.

The Elixir of Freedom has received several 5-star reviews with comments like:

This is a really amazing story. I picked up this book, read the first page, and I was hooked. I just could not stop myself. The story is great, the fantastic elements were great, and the characterization was spot on. I loved the plot, how it sprung up and become a giant, living being. 

 Gripping, clean, and character-driven, with a unique premise and skilled writing, the story draws you in from the first page and takes you on a magical journey.

This book is a classic literary effort and  fully deserves a bouquet of  5 stars.

This is a story that warms the heart and, at the same time, it reminds us of the need to appreciate nature. 

Tales of Junah Cat

 The Tales of Junah Cat is a series of fables for a healthy happy life. Junah Cat is given the task of finding the secret of the garden by the three mysterious sisters. His adventures with Mo Mouse and Hannah Hummingbird will delight readers of all ages. Sign in so I can send you the 27 free bi-weekly episodes. 

Tales of Junah Cat received the Silver Medal from the Readers’ Favorite Award Contest.