WOW stands for 
Words of Wellness

Word Puzzles That Help You
Purr with Health & Wellness 

Solving puzzles is an activity that most people like because it’s satisfying to figure things out! This puzzle book gives you that opportunity in many ways with different types of puzzles. But the added value is that all the puzzles are designed on the theme of health and wellness. Words and clues in each puzzle give you tips on better health. This also makes it a fun way to remember and develop new habits for a healthy life.

VARIETY. Unique and different puzzles challenge the brain in new and different ways. Puzzles range from crosswords and word search to unusual round words and reveals.
THEME. Each puzzle is designed with words and clues that relate to health and wellness. You’ll engage with ideas about exercise, diet, food, stress, relaxation, and more.
MENTAL WORKOUT. Each puzzle will help you stretch beyond your normal “mental muscles.” You’ll have to use better observation, more deduction, short-term memory, and even creative imagination. You’ll also build your vocabulary.
FUN. Doing these puzzles will give you a chance to relax and enjoy the fun of following clues to discover answers to unusual questions as well as ideas about health. It’s a challenge that will put a smile on your face!

WOW Puzzle book About Health and Wellness

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