Here is Episode 2 of Junah Tales.

The Three Sisters and the Garden.

Junah learns how the three sisters like to make things grow.

Background: Junah Cat has been challenged by the mysterious three sisters to find the secret of the garden. He teams up with Maureen “Mo” Mouse to explore the garden, finding great truths to purr about along the way.  

The Three Sisters Help Things Grow

Junah Cat’s adventures started when the three sisters brought him to the House by the Garden. These were not three ordinary sisters.  They looked young and beautiful but spoke as if they were old and wise. They always seemed to know what to do to make everything better around them.  They became like second mothers to Junah, helping him grow in new ways. 

At first, they wanted Junah to get used to the house, so they kept him inside. But Junah noticed that they liked to talk about the garden that they had built in the back of the house. It was very important to them.  

          Sister Sara was the planner. She had designed the garden to balance herbs and roots, flowers and vegetables in the most natural way.  She figured out where plants should be planted to get the most sun. Sara always wore white, had long black hair, and liked to wear pearls. She also played the strings of the guitar in a most heavenly way. She told Junah the plants and animals all liked to listen to her songs. 

Sister Laka talked about watering the plants in the garden.  She was concerned that the plants got just enough water but not too much.  She always kept a watering can with her in case it was needed.  Laka usually wore pink and some kind of necklace, usually a garland of flowers or pink coral. When she sang, her voice sounded like liquid light. Hearing her was like sitting in the sunlight; her voice was warm and caring and melted into him. 

Sister Duma didn’t talk much. She went around the house humming all day as she cleaned her tools and arranged flowers in vases. It seemed as though the plants perked up when she hummed. It reminded Junah of the vibrations that woke him up. Duma usually wore red adorned with a long garland of white and red flowers.

Living with the sisters, Junah realized that life was about more than just eating, playing, and sleeping. They talked so much about how things grow that he wondered in what ways he would grow by living in the House by the Garden with the three sisters. He felt he would soon find out!

Junah’s purr:  The nature of life is to grow.